• Natural Remedies to Fight Hair Loss

    A woman's hair is her crowning glory. Having a bouncy healthy and gorgeous hair has the power to boost a woman's confidence and personality. It is one of the reasons why ladies spend so much time pouring themselves in reading healthy hair care tips from magazines. Thus, having a dry, dull and frizzy hair is a nightmare come true for ladies, how much more if one keep on losing hair? It is natural to lose strands of hair especially after taking a bath or while brushing your hair. According to medical professionals, a person can shed 50 to 150 strands of hair daily which is pretty normal.


    However, if you start losing hair strands excessively, you are indeed in a problematic situation. It is easy to identify individuals suffering from this condition due to their partial baldness which is an unsightly view for a woman to parade around the street. This condition is caused by various factors. Here are some of them:


    · Hormonal changes particularly after pregnancy

    · Exposure to chemicals from harsh hair products

    · Stress and fatigue

    · Unhealthy lifestyle

    · Lack of essential vitamins and nutrients


    Stopping Hair Loss


    Do you want to be a bald person in the future? If not, follow these quick natural remedies in caring for your hair.


    1. Eat Health Foods


    Make it a habit to fill your platter with healthy foods. Eating healthy is your ticket to a longer life and of course, the best way to have a beautiful and stronger hair. Your hair requires vitamin B-complex, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Thus, choose foods that are rich in these nutrients to grow hair fast and prevent hair loss.


    2. Drink Water


    A dry scalp is another reason for hair loss. Staying hydrated can keep the hair follicles and tissues in your scalp healthy. Make it a target to drink eight glasses of water daily. In addition, prevent yourself from drinking too many sodas for it can weaken your immune system resulting in more hair loss.


    3. Avoid Unhealthy Lifestyle


    Say no to excessive alcohol drinking and smoking. These bad habits discourage proper blood circulation which also causes hair fall. Thus, if you want to live healthy, longer and with a beautiful hair, start evading these unhealthy lifestyles and replace it with a good one.


    4. Consult your Doctor


    If the reason behind your hair fall is due to a medical condition, better ask your doctor for recommendations or suggestions on how to solve your problem. With this, you can prevent yourself from taking supplements or products that can affect your health.


    5. Use a Biofactor Hair Shampoo


    There are hair care products which can help you stop suffering from hair loss. One of it is Nisim Shampoo. This hair product is formulated to lessen hair loss and bring back your lost hair. The best thing is, Nisim is affordable and works well for both men and women. It is now up to you on how you will act to solve your hair problems. But if you need more guidance, visit Nisim's official website for details.


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